All Blacks rugby looking mean

Camera Tricks or Skillful Kicks?

My dad was my hero when I was a young boy. And then it's a toss-up between Han Solo, the New Zealand All Blacks Rugby team, and Marlon Brando. - Martin Henderson It's impossible to rule out camera tricks, digital effects,...


Got freedom, liberty and independence? Americans do as long as we defend our Constitution. BBQs, beer and fireworks are just bonuses.


Cupid isn't messing around! Let your beloved know just how you feel with gifts of flowers, chocolates and syrupy poetry.


Backpacks, paper & iPads. You've got until September to register, get immunized and buy supplies. See you then!
kids helping eachother

One of Florida’s Finest In Action

BROTHERLY LOVE: Officer Benitez's Awesome Example of kindness and compassion is something to which we can all aspire. Just imagine the panic and sense of urgency Mr. Arnold experienced when he realized his predicament, and his relief when Benitez, answering the...

U.S. Homeschooler Wins Miss World

BEAUTY & POISE: Most of us would enjoy a walk through the Louvre or any museum of art in which various pieces showcase the human form. And we all enjoy photographs of beautiful creatures, people and things of this...
mcfall christmas trees

Christmas Tree Giving Tradition In Flint

THANKFUL SPIRIT: Jim McFall isn't required to do anything for his neighbors, let alone for strangers or the for his community at large; but he does. Who knows how many people's lives have already been touched by his business ethic,...


When the bounty is great, celebrate! Brace yourself for Turkey Day Parades, Football and tryptophan-induced napping.
Hans-Rudolf Merz

Laughing About Air-dried Meats

With mirth and laughter let old wrinkles come. - William Shakespeare Merz, a married father of three sons, was also a Boy Scout. Shortly after the video of his endearing outburst went viral on the internet, he left his public...


Laborers, this is your day! Special kudos, thanks and respect to those who's hands get dirty while they work.