Backpacks, paper & iPads. You've got until September to register, get immunized and buy supplies. See you then!


aka George Washington's birthday. Today we honor American presidents who have fulfilled their oaths of office honorably.


Jesus Christ is risen today! Amen and Alleluia! Celebrate with family, friends and loved ones, feasting and egg hunts!

Halladay No-Hitter First Since ’56

I threw my best to every I faced, and I found I had the strength to go all the way. - Ed Walsh Excellence in anything is something most simply cannot claim. Mediocrity and proficiency abound in this world, but...


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A solemn day for reflection and appreciation. Let us remember all who have given their lives defending America and her Constitution.
lottery ticket

Couple Gives Away $11 Million

OLD-FASHIONED VALUES: Allen and Violet have obviously mastered the art of living, and have decided what is truly important to them. Their Awesome generosity and love for one another was far bigger than the mountain of money they would enjoy giving...
wayne Giroux’s dog spot

Loyal Dog Waits For Long-Deceased Master

INCOMPARABLE LOYALTY: In 1870, George Graham Vest represented a Missouri farmer suing for damages after his dog, Old Drum, had been shot and killed. Vest’s closing speech included this quote, “The one absolutely unselfish friend that a man can...
Joey Williams Miracle Child

Toddler Survives 7-Story Plunge

CURIOUS TODDLER: Luck or Divine intervention? Whatever your belief or concept, we can all agree that Joey is a precious human being, loved by his parents, granddad and by the community at large, and it's an Awesome wonder he's...


Laborers, this is your day! Special kudos, thanks and respect to those who's hands get dirty while they work.