Fulfilling his dream is refreshingly simple: live each day according to the Golden Rule.


Prankster, Fool or innocent bystander. Which are you? Twenty-four hours is all you've got to find out, so make it count...but be nice!

Magic Contacts for Your Precious Eyes

Made with a material that offers superior water molecule attraction and retention, not only are these dailies extra comfortable, but the unique packaging makes it less likely you'll contaminate the inner surface of the lens when putting them in. The world's...


Cupid isn't messing around! Let your beloved know just how you feel with gifts of flowers, chocolates and syrupy poetry.

Two Men Saved by Dodge? Incredible!

Someday the mountain might get 'em, but the law never will. - Waylon Jennings. We wish Robert and Thomas a speedy and complete recovery. Your stories have given all of us writers and readers something to reflect upon, and perhaps even...


Promote peace and clean living! Join people from all over the world in support of responsible living.

Swimming Champion Missing Half An Arm

WINNING DETERMINATION: 10-year-old Ben Ramirez has a message for us all: Don't give up and keep on keepin' on! For inspiration, look no further than the story of this extraordinary young man, his example and message to "keep trying...
Joey Williams Miracle Child

Toddler Survives 7-Story Plunge

CURIOUS TODDLER: Luck or Divine intervention? Whatever your belief or concept, we can all agree that Joey is a precious human being, loved by his parents, granddad and by the community at large, and it's an Awesome wonder he's...
wedding dress

Clever Bride Busts Craigslist Thieves

I think it's so wrong to play the victim. There's too many brave women out there that just won't even tolerate it, you know? - Elisha Cuthbert Taking responsibility for our own lives and the things that are important to...
lottery ticket

Couple Gives Away $11 Million

OLD-FASHIONED VALUES: Allen and Violet have obviously mastered the art of living, and have decided what is truly important to them. Their Awesome generosity and love for one another was far bigger than the mountain of money they would enjoy giving...