Ike Ditzenberger Snohomish Panther

Disadvantaged Boy Tackles Football

Football is football and talent is talent, but the mindset of your team makes all the difference. - Robert Griffin III We'll wager that this was even better than a trip to Disneyland for young Ike! The natural tendency is...


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kelly gunderson and her mom

Forgetful Momma Remembers Daughter

JUBILANT LOVE: There is more to this Awesome mother-daughter conversation than a sweet little moment caught on video. It's almost as though something clicked and Kelly's mom instinctively knew the right thing to do was say her daughter's name. You...

Paraglider Survives 100-Foot Fall

TRiBYOOT: No matter what you call it, Mr. Patton got his miracles that day - when he wasn't critically wounded after falling 10 stories onto pavement - when two hikers were able to rush to his aid and summon the...


Christianity arrives in Ireland. Avoid pinching leprechauns by wearing green. Drink green beer to become a leprechaun.


Our Moms brought us all into the world. What miracle-workers they are. Treat her exceptional today and every day!


Fulfilling his dream is refreshingly simple: live each day according to the Golden Rule.
discoll middleschool football

Football Fake-Out Flabbergasts Fans

SKILLFUL EXECUTION: Start with a well-planned strategy, finesse it with rehearsed and perfectly orchestrated movements, dazzle the other side with a show of complete control and confidence and what do you get? You get this Awesome, one-of-a-kind football play that...


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kids say thank you

Amazon Rejects Pro-Pedophilia Material

MORAL HIGH GROUND: It's seems very unlikely that Amazon's decision-makers would knowingly choose to carry products and materials which facilitate or provide instruction for illegal activities; it is more likely that these were "self-published" materials which do not generally require...