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Fulfilling his dream is refreshingly simple: live each day according to the Golden Rule.
liu wei plays piano with his feet

Armless Pianist Makes Beautiful Music

The world is full of suffering. It is also full of overcoming. - Helen Keler Most of us could never imagine a life without our arms let alone pursue a career path that is generally dependent on a highly functional...


Promote peace and clean living! Join people from all over the world in support of responsible living.
leslie nielsen portrait

Watch, Laugh & Remember Leslie Nielsen!

 HILARIOUS DELIVERY: Leslie touched people's lives with his acting and with his charity work. Off screen, he wasn't flamboyant and his star never burned white hot, but it was close. He was said to be the Lawrence Olivier of spoofs....
fingernail polish

Fighting Date Rape With Nail Polish

DANGER DETECTION: Undercover Colors sounds like it's cooking up an Awesome melange of fashion, technology and personal security for women to compliment an already thriving market for date rape drug detection and avoidance contrivances. We hope their efforts will boost...

Yummy Food Prevents Cancer, Alzheimer’s

CURATIVE POWERS: Scientific studies and research are showing that turmeric powder,  the main spice that gives curry its distinctive taste, is not only delicious but also very effective in boosting our immune system response. Turmeric has been used in India...

NEVER Do This Before You Exercise!

Pump-you-up playlist...check. Sweat-wicking clothes...check. Muscles all warmed up and loose...check. OK, so you're ready to get busy in the gym. But wait a last check. If you did any of these pre-workout no-no's, consider waiting a bit before...


There's nobody quite like Dad! Shower him with sweet kisses and spoil him with food, sports and action flicks. Be creative!


Christ our Savior is born! Merry Christmas! Rejoice, celebrate and enjoy with friends, family and loved ones!