leslie nielsen portrait

Watch, Laugh & Remember Leslie Nielsen!

 HILARIOUS DELIVERY: Leslie touched people's lives with his acting and with his charity work. Off screen, he wasn't flamboyant and his star never burned white hot, but it was close. He was said to be the Lawrence Olivier of spoofs....
philly christmas village

Philly Restores (Christmas) to Village

CHRISTMAS TRADITION: Mayor Nutter's decision to restore "Christmas" to Philadelphia's Christmas Village makes us wonder why a decision was ever made to remove the harmless word "Christmas" in the first place. Nevertheless, Philly's seasonal village called "The Christmas Village"...

Magic Contacts for Your Precious Eyes

Made with a material that offers superior water molecule attraction and retention, not only are these dailies extra comfortable, but the unique packaging makes it less likely you'll contaminate the inner surface of the lens when putting them in. The world's...


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wedding dress

Clever Bride Busts Craigslist Thieves

I think it's so wrong to play the victim. There's too many brave women out there that just won't even tolerate it, you know? - Elisha Cuthbert Taking responsibility for our own lives and the things that are important to...
kids helping eachother

One of Florida’s Finest In Action

BROTHERLY LOVE: Officer Benitez's Awesome Example of kindness and compassion is something to which we can all aspire. Just imagine the panic and sense of urgency Mr. Arnold experienced when he realized his predicament, and his relief when Benitez, answering the...


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Marine’s Final Wishes Come True

"I don't believe I could have built FedEx without the skills I learned from the Marine Corps." - Frederick W. Smith ULTIMATE SACRIFICE. There is something truly Awesome happening when people believe in something enough to put their lives on...
micah andrews

2-Year-Old Survives Decapitation

LIFE-ALTERING: The Awesome skills, abilities and circumstances that synchronized in the rescue, repair and recovery of this "little man" can be described in many terms. Dr. Theodore's choice is "miracle." LONG STORY SHORT: Two-year-old Micah Andrews survived an “internal decapitation” caused by...


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