Cupid isn't messing around! Let your beloved know just how you feel with gifts of flowers, chocolates and syrupy poetry.

How to Cut Your Cakes and Eat Them Too!

AS A RULE, we recommend using thinner blades to minimize "compression" and "crumbing" as you slice your cakes.  Also, make sure to keep a pitcher or vase of hot water on hand to dip clean your knife between slices. The crunchy...


There's nobody quite like Dad! Shower him with sweet kisses and spoil him with food, sports and action flicks. Be creative!


Our Moms brought us all into the world. What miracle-workers they are. Treat her exceptional today and every day!

Dentist says do this to keep your money!

It's easier than you think to stay ahead of tooth decay and maintain a fresh, healthy mouth. Try these hacks on for size! Flossing - If you're like most of us, you probably avoid flossing except just before your visit to...


A solemn day for reflection and appreciation. Let us remember all who have given their lives defending America and her Constitution.


Celebrate Mexican victory in Puebla! In 1862, the Mexican Army triumphed over French forces. Margarita Anyone?
ozzuh nigeria borehole well

Fresh Water For 11,000 Ozzuh Nigerians!

LIFE-SAVING BROTHERLY LOVE: There is nothing more Awesome or more essential to life than fresh, clean, life-giving water! That's why the "Friends of Ozzuh" are raising funds to construct a borehole water well, a water tower and powered pump system to...
Columbus kneels before Bugs.

All Hail Bugs – King of Comedy

Do you happen to know what the penalty is for shooting a fricaseeing rabbit without a fricaseeing rabbit license? - Bugs Bunny This is intelligent comedy at its best; Bugs's timeless, priceless, politically incorrect and irreverent antics are just what the...
dead poet's society

Billy Crystal Remembers Robin Williams

BILLY'S TRIBUTE TO ROBIN: Billy Crystal’s humorous monologue and short video montage of the late Robin Williams at his best were the highlight of Monday night’s Emmy’s Awards ceremony. Billy’s Awesome 5-minute "in memorium" tribute including clips from Robin’s first...