aka George Washington's birthday. Today we honor American presidents who have fulfilled their oaths of office honorably.


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NEVER Do This Before You Exercise!

Pump-you-up playlist...check. Sweat-wicking clothes...check. Muscles all warmed up and loose...check. OK, so you're ready to get busy in the gym. But wait a last check. If you did any of these pre-workout no-no's, consider waiting a bit before...


Christ our Savior is born! Merry Christmas! Rejoice, celebrate and enjoy with friends, family and loved ones!


Hoping for an early Spring? Punxsutawney Phil will tell all.
discoll middleschool football

Football Fake-Out Flabbergasts Fans

SKILLFUL EXECUTION: Start with a well-planned strategy, finesse it with rehearsed and perfectly orchestrated movements, dazzle the other side with a show of complete control and confidence and what do you get? You get this Awesome, one-of-a-kind football play that...
chicago science industry museum

Month-Long Sleepover at Chicago Museum

STEADY NERVES: The freedom to explore, play and even sleep within the exhibits and spaces of the Chicago Museum of Science and Industry was surely an Awesome and unforgettable experience for Kate McGroarty! She is one of the very few...
philly christmas village

Philly Restores (Christmas) to Village

CHRISTMAS TRADITION: Mayor Nutter's decision to restore "Christmas" to Philadelphia's Christmas Village makes us wonder why a decision was ever made to remove the harmless word "Christmas" in the first place. Nevertheless, Philly's seasonal village called "The Christmas Village"...


Christmas shopping beings today! Don't miss the deals and steals that come only once a year.
Parting the Red Sea

Science Supports Red Sea Miracle

I think science is about the search for God; it just comes at it from a different angle than religion.- Chris Carter Whatever your belief, it seems that somehow the Red Sea could have very likely been parted in the approximate...