About AwesomeAdz™

Just be sure your advertising is saying something with substance, something that will inform and serve the consumer, and be sure you’re saying it like it’s never been said before.” – William Bernbach

Welcome to Rich Content Advertising!

The “AwesomeAdz™ system was built after round-tabling with avid internet users who have grown numb to most text, banner and flash ads. The result is an amazing ad format and “breadcrumb” delivery system that doesn’t feel or look like advertising but is more information-centric, more interesting, engaging and effective than any other system in establishing your brand’s value and credibility.

Ads are rotated across the entire website unless otherwise indicated or agreed upon between the Site Owner and the Advertiser. AwesomeAdz™ are mixed in with our regular published content and benefit from all the same socialization and sharing exposure. Most pop-up style Targeted Ads will also benefit from additional exposure on all mobile devices.

Our Secret Sauce:

  • We begin with a foundation of truly Awesome Content, with serious viral potential.
  • Our Awesome Content is released to Google News and Top Social & Content Networks.
  • We create a branded “rich content” AwesomeAdz article to supplement your your ad.
  • We publish your branded “rich content” AwesomeAdz article(s) and run them in our blogroll.
  • Your AwesomeAdz articles are distributed over our social and content networks.
  • Your AwesomeAdz™ banners guide readers to your AwesomeAdz™ on the site.



Easy & Value-Packed:

  • No word-bidding sticker shock or paying for fraudulent clicks and impressions.
  • Option of tweaking your ad space content during your contract.
  • Option of changing out your artwork twice every contract month.
  • On-going access to your campaign even after your contract with us is up

It’s Easy to Get Started Today!

  • Reserve ad space online or with us over the phone, and time, and create banners
  • Share your AwesomeAdz article(s) with customers, clients, email lists & social networks.
  • Update your banners artwork up to twice every contract month.
  • Utilize your AwesomeAdz™ article(s) at your discretion even after your contract is up.

Purchasing AwesomeAdz Space couldn’t be easier, and we guarantee the rich content advertising articles we create for your campaigns will put your brands in the best light and attach even more value to your them.


We will attempt to accommodate any reasonable advertising request as long as it does not conflict with TRiBYOOT subject material and message.  For custom ad requests (location, types, time frame, budget, etc.) contact us here so we can put together something that works for you. Final decision to accept advertising requests is at our sole discretion.

Make it Awesome!
TRiBYOOT Advertiser Support