“Sure I love my country with all her faults. I’m not ashamed of that.” – John Wayne

His patriotism is commendable, and most of us will agree that Joe’s heart is in the right place.

CORAL SPRINGS, Florida — Joe Milenkovic enforces the law for a living, but not when it comes to his “God Bless America” sign.

Joe Milenkovic and his patriotic signage
Joe Milenkovic proudly displays his pro-America garage door message.

Milenkovic, 45, the assistant police chief in Delray Beach, used 4-inch magnetic letters to spell out the patriotic message on his garage door. Accompanied by six stars and an American flag, the creation nearly covers the upper half of the door.

“We’re at war,” he said. “I’m not taking it down just yet.

His homeowners association is crying foul. The Springs Hamlet association says Milenkovic’s collection of magnetic letters constitutes a sign, and that it’s in violation of their rules that state “no signs shall be displayed without written approval by the Association.”

Thursday July 29, 2010 – Tech. Sgt. Jeff Hedglin, right, an Air Force Pararescueman, or PJ, drapes an American flag over the remains of the first of two U.S. soldiers killed minutes earlier. (AP Photo/Brennan Linsley)

If Milenkovic wants to exhibit his patriotism, the management for the 45-house community would prefer he put up a flag.

We say we are a free country, and this is what we’re about?”

Ann Wactlar, the property manager from Phoenix Management Services, proposed the flag substitution in an Aug. 4 letter to Milenkovic that also demanded he take down his “sign.”

“Living in an association can sometimes mean a rule or restriction we may not agree with; however, there is a responsibility to adhere to the governing documents,” she wrote.

When you sign an HOA contract, you’ve agreed to the rules.

Content does not justify an exception, Wactlar wrote. “Your sign is pleasing and widely accepted, but what about an offensive sign or one not widely accepted?”

Some of the neighbors aren’t happy with what Milenkovic is doing. Bill Taylor said what’s on the sign is “irrelevant. It’s about the rules.”

Keeping that in mind, we’re happy to report that Joe and his HOA have reached a compromise in which his friends and neighbors allowed him to keep the sign on his garage until the new American Flag they ordered for him arrived, at which time he must remove the sign from his garage and begin flying his flag proudly.

The overwhelming majority of neighborhoods across our great nation (including Joe’s) welcome and support healthy shows of patriotism; but most HOA’s do not permit signage.


Sun Sentinel: “When you buy the home, you agree to live by certain rules. If his sign is allowed, then you must also allow a sign that says “g*d D*MN America” or anything else. Once the sign is allowed, then free speech takes over and anybody can put up whatever they want. If the rules says “no signs’, then that is it.” – Frank

Very nice front porch American Flag display.

The Blaze:  “I couldn’t deal with a HOA. We have flown the American flag in our front yard for 22 years and will continue till the day we die. We have a very patriotic neighborhood in a rural area and you will see lots of beautiful stars and stripes flying from the porches and yards and fences of our neighbors. God Bless America. We are so lucky to live in this country.” – Sunnyr  

Fly the flag man! Forget the decals on the garage door!

I have to agree with you [name omitted] Matthew. Fly the flag or whatever as I do but I would not want to have a house next to me with huge decals on it! I much prefer the neat and clean look. I don’t like bumper stickers either but I do have a magnetic Support our troops and a God Bless America magnetic sticker on my car. Fly the flag man! Forget the decals on the garage door!” – Judy

A caisson of the US Army’s 3rd Infantry Regiment carries the flag-draped coffin during the burial service of Army Sergeant Peter Bohler, at snow-covered Arlington National Cemetery in Arlington, Virginia, USA, 23 January 2014. Twenty-nine year-old Sergeant Bohler of Willow Spring, North Carolina, was among six US service members that died in a helicopter crash in Afghanistan, about a week before Christmas 2013.
A caisson of the US Army’s 3rd Infantry Regiment carries the flag-draped coffin during the burial service of 29-year-old Sergeant Bohler of Willow Spring, NC, who died along with five others, in a helicopter crash in Afghanistan about a week before Christmas 2013.

“…this is a contract issue. If you don’t like the rules you try to change them you just don’t break them and then play on everyone’s sympathies to after-the-fact change them.”

– Cemoto78  “I’m standing right beside you on this Joe! I wonder what people around me would say if i put a huge “God Bless America” sign in my dorm room window? You’ve inspired me to practice my first amendment rights! Stand strong Joe.” – mab5677

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