“Amazement awaits us at every corner.” – James Broughton

BEAUTIFUL, TOUCHING, ADRENALINE-FILLED: Also known as “Our Amazing World II,” “Amazing World 2013” is an adrenaline-packed thrill-ride! Sit back and enjoy.

If you appreciate the world’s unique creatures, creative and talented people and breathtaking beauty, then Amazing World 2013 is just what the doctor ordered. If you need a little inspiration to snap yourself out of the doldrums, look no further!

MUST-SEE BEAUTY: The video is nicely composed with a playfully haunting soundtrack “Riverside” by Agnes Obel – Riverside (Sheila Hill remix). Many of the shots were grabbed from GoPro reels, but the footage is Awesome, and that’s all that’s why we recommend you click the play button and enjoy!

we also read some scathing remarks claiming bias toward “wealthy, white people.”

While the majority of reviews are highly favorable, we also read some scathing remarks claiming bias toward “wealthy, white people.”

Portrait of a boy with the map of the world painted on his face.

One of the commenters even went on a rant about human foibles and how we just aren’t worthy of our Amazing World.

Most of us will agree that “everything looks “cooler” in slow motion, but that doesn’t make “Amazing World” any less amazing.


YouTube: “okay does anyone else agree that the girl that says i love you at 2:12 is dropdead gorgeous, because i do. and lets not forget alana blanchard. lol.” – FliM FloM 

“Next time a jock tells me that “action sports are lame”… I’m going to show him this video. There’s a little more to this than running across a field with a ball and doing the exact same thing every time. BACON!” – Muffin Man

Kilauea Volcano, Big Island, Hawaii by Alexandre Socci – National Geographic Traveler Photo Contest

YouTube: “it’s made with 6-7 cameras who are really close together. it stops at the same moment for every camera and then they just morph the footage to make a “pan while freezed” motion” – DatIntelligentDude  “Great world we have. People are amazing. Just, imagine if we all push our limits.” – chandler walls

Duckling enjoying his lily pad.

“Great movie, and especially great song (Riverside by Agnes Obel – mixed by Sheila Hill)” – bassie999  

The title should be: Life looks better in slow motion. There might be a lesson there.” – Crash_N_Burn

Dang I’ve done nothing with my life. Time to get off my duff and do something with it. Thanks for the inspiration!” – 

lol at the duck. i saw it falling and thought oh man little duck is diving and then he hit the ground and i felt kinda bad” – 

Love the little guy learning to surf. You can see him overcome his fears. That kid rocks!” – 

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