What are the TRiBYOOT Awards?

The TRiBYOOT Awards is the only program that recognizes awesomeness in every form, with a focus on exceptionally awesome individuals, their qualities, endeavors and accomplishments.

The Awards highlight the trails people are blazing, the examples they’re setting, and the legacies they’re building, with a spotlight on the redeeming aspects of humanity and nature. TRiBYOOT Awards are presented to outstanding individuals and to those who bring our collective attention to powerful, awe-inspiring phenomena which cannot be attributed to anyone but God or nature.

Who Makes the Awards Possible?

Our sponsors, advertisers, fundraising, volunteers and participants.

Where are Awards Presentations Held?

The size, place and “grandiosity” of each TRiBYOOT venue varies, depending on our network of participants, volunteers and sponsors, availability of facilities and material and financial support. Ceremonies and presentations may be held in virtual settings (Online) or in “real-world” settings ranging from small venues (private estates, yachts, residences, local private businesses and restaurants) to large venues (hotel conference rooms) to national venues (large conference and convention centers, cruise ships, etc.). All interested parties are invited to come forth with their suggestions, recommendations and offers.

Let us know if you want to hold a TRiBYOOT event in your location and if you have a suggestion for holding an event in your area. Contact Us here.

What is the “Spirit” of the TRiBYOOT Awards?

Each TRiBYOOT Awards Presentation is meant to invoke an earnest, though-provoking, inspiring and entertaining connection with the nominees and their lives of achievement as an inspiration to us all. Some awards are given in spirit only, recognizing the power of awesomeness of God and nature.

What do the Awards Look Like?

Actual TRiBYOOT Awards can be presented in many forms including medals, trophies, ribbons, plaques, pendants and other symbolic wearable and display items.

Do the TRiBYOOT Awards have an Monetary Value?

Some, but not all TRiBYOOT awards have a specific monetary value (i.e. cash awards, gift certificates, travel vouchers, invitations to special events, etc.).

How do Nominations Work?

All nominees must have had a featured story on at some point. Many criteria are taken into consideration when deciding on who and what will be presented and shown at the ceremonies themselves, but every nominee will be given serious consideration.

How are finalists chosen?

Once the nominees are in by designated deadline, a panel representing each of the 50 states in our union will vote along with the general public. Town and City Award winners qualify for the State Awards. State Winners automatically qualify for the National TRiBYOOT Awards.

When do the Awards Begin?

We’re laying the groundwork for the First Annual 2015 Tribyoot Awards on a city/town level that will be held in Oro Valley, AZ, and you can be a BIG part of it. Next year (2016), we’ll be introducing the United States TRiBYOOT Awards and the year following (2017) we’ll introduce the National TRiBYOOT Awards. We’re also having discussions for eventually including the global community in our International TRiBYOOT Awards in the Year 2020.

To inquire about our upcoming Tribyoot Awards programs, makes suggestions, recommendations or nominations, or volunteer to help with future Awards Ceremonies and Support, please Contact Us here.

Make it Awesome!

Tribyoot Awards Support Team