Yves Rossy Jetman

THE REAL JAMES BOND: Yves Rossy and his jet-powered wing suit are right out of yesteryear’s science fiction. Some speculate that his pioneering could change the face of individual travel, commuting and even warfare. Only the future knows what is in store for Rossy’s Awesome jet-powered wing suit designs, but one this is for sure; the world is fortunate to have innovators like Yves Rossy, and humankind can always use another superhero. Good show, Mr. Rossy!

BORN TO FLY: Born in the Swiss canton of Neuchâtel in 1959, his flying career started in the Swiss Air Force flying Dassault Mirage IIIs, Northrop F-5 Tiger IIs and Hawker Hunters. Later, he worked the commercial side, flying Boeing 747s for Swissair, and later for Swiss International Air Lines. Rossy loves to fly more than just about anything else, and he’s been living his passion for most of his adult life. In 2006 he took his passion for flying to the next level.

KICKING IT UP A NOTCH: Rossy invented a jet-powered wing-suit that has evolved into a truly awesome fusion of man and machine. His adrenalin-juiced aerial shows, amazing stunts and high speed, record-setting feats have put Rossy right up there with Superman and other flying super-heros, earning the monikers of “The Airman,” “Jetman,” “Rocketman,” and “Fusionman.”

FRIENDLY SKIES: With his jet-powered wing suit, Rossy has flown across the Alps, over Mount Fuji, Oshkosh, the Grand Canyon and Rio de Janeiro. He’s flown alongside helicopters, single and bi-wing aircraft. He’s been accompanied by DC3’s, the Breitling Jetteam, wingwalkers and World War II aircraft. His jet-powered wing suit and his non-powered wingsuit take him all around the world, exciting fans and spectators with his ingenuity and daring as he speeds around at up to 200 mph.

ALMOST MYTHICAL: Rossy was featured on an episode of Stan Lee’s Superhumans. He has appeared on the BBC’s Top Gear, where he raced Richard Hammond and Toni Gardemeister. He was a main attraction at the 2013 Experimental Aircraft Association AirVenture Fly-In, America’s largest fly-in. Jetman’s latest appearance was the weekend of March 29th and 30th at FIDAE 2104 in Santiago de Chile!

S O C i A L L Y   S P E A K I N G

YouTube: “Absolutely fantastic! I was about to cheer when you passed by the statue and I wasn’t even there at the event! I wonder how the new fin (rudder? stabilizer?) would work in this setup since it’s not where it’s usually placed on an aircraft. Also, is it just me or is Yves’ jetpack capable of pulling much tighter turns than before? At any rate, do keep up the good work, Yves Rossy!” – SpeedStriker

The Blaze: “I’ve watched this guys for years! His antics have always amazed me. I keep his pic on my hard drive to remind me that dreams can be achieved. If he just wore roller skates (tongue-in-cheek), he wouldn’t need the parachute; he could land on a runway! Vroom! You go, dude!” – sbenard

TED: “This gentleman will go down in history as a true pioneer. Others(probably mentored by him) will advance what he’s started and at some point-who knows.” – Mike M

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