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THANKFUL SPIRIT: Jim McFall isn’t required to do anything for his neighbors, let alone for strangers or the for his community at large; but he does. Who knows how many people’s lives have already been touched by his business ethic, his generous spirit and by his Awesome Christmas tree giveaway tradition?

LONG STORY SHORTJim McFall is a small business owner with a big heart and an appreciation for tradition.

Many years ago he started his own tradition which he hopes to keep alive into the future. Each year, he’s been giving away Christmas trees to the people of his community who need one…no questions asked or explanation required.

McFall acknowledges that the community of Flint is one of the main reasons his business has done so well, and he enjoys giving something back each year.

POINT: What if McFall is just doing this for the publicity? And why couldn’t he give toys, food or cash to people without the means to put anything on their tables or under their trees?

COUNTERPOINT: Perhaps some day McFall’s business won’t do well enough for him to afford the wonderful tradition he started using his own resources, but until that time he’ll be inspiring other successful business owners to give back to their communities in different ways so that everyone across our great nation has a chance to enjoy the magic of Christmas.

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S O C i A L L Y    S P E A K I N G

The Blaze: “he has a spirit of compassion on those who have had a tough year and he just wants to spread a little Christmas cheer. He worked very hard and had success to show for it. And he’s sharing that success with those who are less fortunate. It’s a really touching story!” – NursingNerd2012

The Blaze: “This man is not alone in his efforts to give back. Sadly, because most of those who are charitable like this don’t seek out recognition, we often don’t hear about it. This is the true American spirit on display for the world to see!” – KHicks

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