Someday the mountain might get ’em, but the law never will. – Waylon Jennings.

We wish Robert and Thomas a speedy and complete recovery. Your stories have given all of us writers and readers something to reflect upon, and perhaps even inspire us.

Injury and death are no laughing matters, but is has been our hope that we could show the Awesome silver lining in these stories and perhaps weave in a little nostalgia and humor to brighten your day. Here’s a little tribute.

Robert Craig of Killingworth, CT fell out of his Dodge Charger onto Interstate 95, in Darien near Exit 10. Mr. Craig’s Dodge Charger continued down the turnpike, sans driver, for about a fifth of a mile before crashing into a metal guard rail and light pole.

(I believe) rosary beads (I) kept inside the Dodge saved Magill’s life.

It wasn’t clear why the 51-year-old fell from his vehicle, but after being helped off the road by concerned motorists he was taken to Stamford Hospital and treated for minor injuries.

Daisy, Bo and Luke Duke...and the General Lee.
Daisy, Bo and Luke Duke…and the General Lee.

In a seemingly unrelated incident,  Thomas Magill fell 40 stories from a high-rise rooftop at West 63rd Street, NYC, smashed through the windshield of a parked Dodge Charger and came to rest in the backseat area .

The 22-year-old was hospitalized in critical condition with two broken legs among other injuries. The car’s owner, Old Bridge, N.J. resident Guy McCormack, is convinced that that rosary beads he kept inside the Dodge saved Magill’s life.


TheBlaze: “Wow that is really crazy!!! I hope he isn’t paralyzed from the fall. Unbelievable that two stories happen with the same car. I hope this man gets the help he needs to become whole again. Makes me sad to think that a 22 year old would think that suicide was the only solution to whatever he is going through. I will say a prayer for Thomas and his family.” – molleighsgm 

Dodge Charger super car?
Dodge Charger super car?

“Wait, what? Two stories about falling out of and onto a Dodge Charger? Are you serious? What are the odds?” – Spinfuel  “If it had been an early 70′s Charger, the man would have succeeded… Maybe God has other plans for him now…” – OgerFrumMuskoger

YouTube: Re: The Dukes of Hazzard – “As a city boy in New York, i loved this show each week.  Can’t believe it’s been 35 years!  Wonder if Catherine Bach is still hot, hahah.” – bmo  “This is going to sound so like cheese but here goes. I remember watching this with my Grandparents and little sister. Granny on the green couch knitting and Pop in his red PJ’s in his recliner next to the Ashley wood stove. As I get older the memories become more precious to me. When I watch this I am ten years old again and the two greatest people I ever knew and love are right here with me again.” – S Hodge  “They (the Dukes) christened their car after a General who OPPOSED slavery.  They branded their car with a battle flag their ancestors fought under.  It’s simply heritage not hate.” – John Smith

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