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SKILLFUL EXECUTION: Start with a well-planned strategy, finesse it with rehearsed and perfectly orchestrated movements, dazzle the other side with a show of complete control and confidence and what do you get? You get this Awesome, one-of-a-kind football play that caught the opponents on their heels, dumbfounded and without the resources to recoup their losses. Well-played coach Rodriguez, assistant Delosantos and Team Driscoll!

ONE FOR THE RECORD BOOKS: One of the greatest football fake-outs of all time didn’t come from any of the FL’s, CL’s, IS’s FA’s or AA’s; it came from a middle school team in Corpus Christi, Texas.

ARTFUL PLAY: During a championship game against rival Wynn Seale, the Rangers pulled off a play that you’ve got to see to believe. With Driscoll down 6-0 late in the 3rd quarter, the ball was re-spotted 5-yards for a penalty against Wynn Seale. Then, just before the next snap, Ranger quarterback Jason Garza shouted to his center that the referees were marking off 5 more yards. Confusion ensued…for Wynn Seale that is.

BEHIND ENEMY LINES: Garza made what appeared to Wynn Seale as a casual hand-off, short-circuiting their defensive instincts to sack the guy with the ball. Garza walked nonchalantly past the defensive team putting just enough distance between him and Wynn Seale’s #13 them to make a break for a beautifully-executed TD.

TIE GAME: It was the first time Driscoll Middle School Football had ever tried the ruse. The game ultimately ended in a tie: 6 – 6.

S O C i A L L Y    S P E A K I N G

CNN: “In a game of strategy, especially one that also simulates the basics of war, it’s good to remember that the opposing team doesn’t have to do the obvious all the time. In fact, sometimes the slow, careful move wins the battle. Nice job. – Jaguwar

Mail Online: “That was awesome and really hilarious as well. I love the way the QB just strolled through the defense then started running. –  LochNessMonster

SprotsGrid: “Only one small problem with the play. It was an illegal formation that the officials missed. Both receivers were back off the line, The QB and two running backs. Leaving only 6 players on the line.” – Ncrdbl1

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