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RUGGED INDIVIDUAL: T.J. Guerrero is an example to the whole of America…not just to the kids. It’s truly Awesome how this 13-year-old can bring together the pillars of his community, the media, citizens and neighbors, and how they have all coalesced around such a fundamental idea as responsible, private enterprise. Wow!

CREATING HIS OWN BUSINESS: 12-year-old T.J. Guerrero knows that in business, it’s all about location, location, location. Since 2013, His lemonade stand at the corner of Patricia Avenue and San Salvador Drive in Dunedin, Florida, has been thriving since 2013 when got permission from the owners of the corner house to set up shop with his homemade sign at the higher traffic area during summer breaks and after school during the school year.

NEIGHBOR CRIES FOWL: According to the Dunedin City Manager Rob DiSpirito, 61-year-old Doug Wilkey first complained in 2013, sending at least four follow-up e-mails to his original complaint. In his complaint, Wilkey said that Guerrero’s stand was affecting his (Wikey’s) property value as a result of excessive trash, traffic and noise. On two separate occasions, a community police officer has surveyed Wikey’s claims which have been found to be without merit. And none of Wikey’s neighbors have a problem with Guerrero’s lemonade stand either.

COMMUNITY & MEDIA COME TOGETHER: Wilkey’s stand against Guerrero’s stand has gained local and national attention, rallying a good number of the city’s  37,000 resident’s and Mike Calta of 102.5 The Bone radio station behind the enterprising young man. Calta even sent an employee to work the lemonade stand until Guerrero got home from school one day and urged listeners to pay the boy a visit.

SALES ON THE RISE: Guerrero is amazed at the boost his business has gotten, and the Mayor, Dave Eggers, who lives around the corner from Guerrero, is glad to see young entrepreneurs like Guerrero get a chance to learn what it’s like to earn some money for themselves.

BUREAUCRACY FAIL: In an ironic turn of events, It seems that while Wilkey has been been determined to shut Gerrero down, Wilkey has been skipping out on a $45-a-year business tax license and other paperwork for his own home-based business. Now he could be facing $250 in daily fines if he doesn’t come into compliance.

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Toronto Sun: “They’re trying all over the US to shut down Lemonade Stands, Farmers Markets, Garage Sales, etc, basically anything that’s a CA$H Business because the Government can’t get their greedy hands in the pockets of the children, farmers, homeowners, etc, disgraceful really.” – TheFACTSfromTO

Yahoo!: In NO way does a lemonade stand lower the value of property or a home. Property value is lowered by crime rate, age of neighborhood, age of homes, neighborhood up-keep, crime rate in the area whether there is a park close by(ups the value) community pool(ups value).” – Amy

Orlando Sentinel: “My, how times have changed. I remember doing this when I was a little kid back in the early 60’s.A lot of good memories from back then.” – Eldiril

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