Pump-you-up playlist…check. Sweat-wicking clothes…check. Muscles all warmed up and loose…check. OK, so you’re ready to get busy in the gym. But wait a second…one last check. If you did any of these pre-workout no-no’s, consider waiting a bit before you start.

Hydrate, but not with alcohol. Alcohol causes narrowing of you blood vessels, lowers your blood-surgar levels, impairs your motor function, dehydrates you and generally causes drowsiness along with other side effects which are not conducive to working out. Avoid feeling shaky and weak, and avoid workout injuries by foregoing alcoholic beverages before putting your body into gear at the gym.


Don’t get waterlogged. You kidneys can process only about a liter of water every hour, so drinking more than about 2 or 3 cups of water two to three hours before exercising will dilute your blood, bring your sodium levels down and possibly leave you feeling weak and crampy. Certain extreme conditions related to overconsumption of water can even cause seizures and coma. As you may have already found out the hard way, a belly full of water can be extremely unpleasant when doing exercise like sprints, jumps, and inversions. If you want to avoid cramps, nausea and throwing up, take our advice and stay conservatively hydrated prior to and during exercise.

Heartburn anyone? For easily digestible foods to help power your workout, stick with lighter foods like fruits and carbs. That being said, avoid spicy foods, meat, eggs, corn, and anything else that’s hard for your stomach to break down, unless you’re OK with acid reflux and heartburn while you exercise.

Get pumped, not mellow. Activities and pharmaceuticals that mellow you with “feel-good vibes” will put a damper on any workout, especially the hard core bootcamp style workouts and routines. Remember, we’re talking about workouts here, not massages, so if you participate in activities or take any chemicals into your body that relax you and release oxytocin into your bloodstream, then you can pretty much forget about getting serious in the gym.

Static stretching. While stretching is an essential part of your overall physical fitness, static stretching of your muscles prior to strength training can limit their ability to contract intensely and forcefully, temporarily reducing your “strength” and lower-body stability. Try dynamic stretches instead.

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Inspired by: Five Things You Should Never Do Before You Work Out
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