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: There is more to this Awesome mother-daughter conversation than a sweet little moment caught on video. It’s almost as though something clicked and Kelly’s mom instinctively knew the right thing to do was say her daughter’s name. You can hear the relief in their joyful babble as her mom’s memory retreats back behind the Alzheimer’s veil.

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LONG STORY SHORTKelly Gunderson posted a video she calls “God’s Gift.” During the  90-second video, Gunderson and her 87-year-old mother lie next to each other, rambling about who is who and who loves who when suddenly, for the briefest of moments, she recognizes her daughter.

Gunderson is grateful that ,“God gave me a moment with my mother remembering who I was… which doesn’t happen often.”

POINT: Maybe Kelly’s mom didn’t recognize her but was just playing along with their conversation.

COUNTERPOINT: It’s fairly likely that something from all those years of child rearing and mothering was able to cut through the haze of Alzheimer’s for a brief moment. Something in her must have instinctively known that was her daughter lying next to her.

O V E R H E A R D   i N    T H i S    S T O R Y

Kelly Gunderson: God gave me a moment with my mother remembering who I was… which doesn’t happen often.”

S O C i A L L Y    S P E A K I N G

YouTube: “God is good. He gives those moments of clarity to remind you of the love on this earth. The warmth of a memory, the love of one another. Trials and tribulations are a part of the flawed life we live here on earth, but it is those times that make moments like this all the more special. Cherish those you love, give yourself to God, and he will provide the love, the light, and the way. God bless you and your mother. There is nothing greater.” – Dana Aaron

People: “That was the absolute sweetest moment and I am so glad it was captured and shared with us all. What a reminder of what is important in this world. I know it has helped get my morning off on the right foot and given me some much needed perspective. Thank you Kelly and Momma for sharing your gift with the rest of us. I am going to try to stop crying now so I can get on with my day.” – Two Cents

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