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LIFE-SAVING BROTHERLY LOVE: There is nothing more Awesome or more essential to life than fresh, clean, life-giving water! That’s why the “Friends of Ozzuh” are raising funds to construct a borehole water well, a water tower and powered pump system to bring abundant fresh water to the rural village of Ozzuh in Nigeria. Learn more about their efforts and about the village in our story below and on CATALYST, the fundraising site where donations can be made for this non-profit project. Click here. 

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LONG STORY SHORT:  Ozzuh (pronounced OOZOO) is a village in Nigeria, Africa, with a population of about 11,000 people where potable water is in short supply. The “Friends of Ozzuh’s Well” are raising the money to drill a deep (borehole) well that will provide year-round water for the whole village, even when the rains have stopped, the streams have dried to a trickle and the shallow well supplies have evaporated.

Once drilled, the borehole well will provide enough fresh water necessary for drinking, cooking and cleaning while minimizing the spread of water-borne diseases such as cholera and dysentery often found in nearby wells and in the vessels and tankers currently used to bring supplemental water supplies into the village.

“The Friends of Ozzuh” would also like to provide enough financial assistance to install a water storage tower and powered pump to pump water into the tower where it can be stored and then fed into the village homes and other facilities. The video below gives a good idea about the project scope and at least one of the options for powering the pump. Donate to this project on CATALYST! Click here.

POINT: Why doesn’t the Nigerian government take care of the well system? Surely the flourishing Nigerian economy is sufficient to cover the costs of bringing fresh water to the village of Ozzuh.

COUNTERPOINT: You would think the largest growing economy in Africa would have ample resources to implement a well system for a small village, but it just isn’t so. In reality, only about half of the population has access to sufficient potable water, resulting in all kinds of health issues related to nutrition, sanitation, healthcare and general living conditions. Life expectancy is just 52 years (average male/female).

THE BUZZ: Friends of Ozzuh: “Our goal is to increase the overall availability, accessibility and sanitation of water for the families of Ozzuh.” TRiBYOOT: “Let’s put smiles on these children’s faces whose very lives depend on us.” – DiannaB

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