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BROTHERLY LOVE: Officer Benitez’s Awesome Example of kindness and compassion is something to which we can all aspire. Just imagine the panic and sense of urgency Mr. Arnold experienced when he realized his predicament, and his relief when Benitez, answering the 911 call, came to his aid. Each of us has a little Benitez in us; it’s just a matter of answering the call.

A STORMY NIGHT: The dash cam on Florida police officer Gil Benitez car captured him exiting his car to offer assistance to Michael Arnold, whose electric wheelchair shut down during a violent thunderstorm with heavy wind and rain about a block from his home. Benitez wheeled Arnold to his home where he helped dry off his wheelchair and then stayed with him until his family arrived. Arnold pleasantly surprised to have been treated with such kindness and compassion.

GRATITUDE: Mr. Arnold hadn’t learned the officer’s name at the time, but later thanked him during an interview. “Sir, I am very grateful for your help. I didn’t even catch your name, but I thank you.”

HELPING A BROTHER IN NEED: Benitez says that anyone in his position would have done the same thing and it just happened to be that he was there first.

S O C i A L L Y    S P E A K I N G

The Blaze: “Not everyone has the strength to manually push a heavy electric chair for any distance. They weigh at least 400 lbs with a person sitting in it.. Officer Gil Benitez, you are a HERO to all of us who have to get around in these chairs.” – Jack Salvadalena

“Good man. I grew up in a rural PA town where the cops we’re like this. Everyone knew everyone. If you we’re drunk on the street and being stupid they’d tell you to shut up and they’d drive you home. In these big cities they’ll arrest and humiliate you. We respected our cops because we knew them and they only cared for actual crime. They we’re always respectful stewards of the community. I’m glad to see videos of cops like this guy.” – OneBravePatriot

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