Made with a material that offers superior water molecule attraction and retention, not only are these dailies extra comfortable, but the unique packaging makes it less likely you’ll contaminate the inner surface of the lens when putting them in.

The world’s flattest and most compact lens pack measures just 12.5% of the thickness and just 40% of the volume of a conventional contact lense packaging and offers unprecedented convenience for storage and carrying in a pocket, purse or even wallet. But wait…there’s more. Watch the video and continue reading below.


While Mirus can provide contact wearers with some pretty awesome safety and convenience features “out of the box,” consider these additional tips to maintain optimum eye health no matter which contact brand you wear.

Wash, rinse and dry your hands (with a lint-free towel) thoroughly before handling your lenses to avoid transferring infectious germs and microbes from your fingers onto your lenses and into your eyes. This is the best way to avoid lens-related eye irritations, infections and even sight impairment or loss.

Replace and completely fill the solution in your lens storage case each time you store your lenses. Don’t skimp on filling the little storage bowls. Go ahead and fill them up all the way to make sure the solution’s organism-killing enzymes can do their job, leaving your lenses squeaky clean for their next use.

Rub-a-dub-dub. With freshly washed hands (dried so you don’t have any tap water on them), give each of your contacts a five-second scrub between your fingers to remove any eye-irritating deposits (like pollen and dust) that have become stuck to them since you began wearing them earlier in the day.

Optimize your lens performance and minimize the possibility of irritation and infection by replacing your lenses as recommended by your doctor and lens manufacturer.

Rinse your case with solution, inside and out, as part of your daily routine. Wipe it out with a clean, lint-free towel and store empty cases with the caps removed to prevent germs from growing in there.

Contact lenses are for your eyes, not your mouth, so you must resist popping them into your mouth when one falls out unexpectedly, unless you’re keen on transferring 60,000 bacteria from your mouth into your eye(s). A much smarter idea is to just be prepared and carry extra lenses in your pocket, purse, car or office.

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Inspired by: 7 Sins of Contact Lens Wearers
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