falling paraglider

TRiBYOOTNo matter what you call it, Mr. Patton got his miracles that day – when he wasn’t critically wounded after falling 10 stories onto pavement – when two hikers were able to rush to his aid and summon the help he desperately called out for – when the first responders, doctors and nurses saw to his wounds and patched him up – when his loving wife and family came to support him back to health. As for Hoyt Patton, life itself is one big Awesome miracle composed of many smaller ones. What a life!

LIFE OF MIRACLES: 56-year-old Hoyt Patton of Idaho explains his life in miracles. When his motorized paraglider’s parachute malfunctioned, sending him plummeting to the ground, he really needed one…or two. And he got them.

RAW FOOTAGE: Mr. Patton’s helmet camera captured everything in as it unfolded, starting with takeoff and ascent until the parachute became entangled with the motorized area of the paraglider, causing it to collapse and sending Mr. Patton into an uncontrollable 10-story spiral towards the ground.

FIRST AID: Laying motionless for a short time, Hoyt started calling out for help while doing his best to get up, not realizing yet that he had suffered a broken pelvis, disconnected femur, shattered arm and broken ribs. Fortunately, two hikers had seen the whole thing and rushed to his aid.

DETERMINED: In the face of grueling rehab for his extensive injuries, Patton is still “full steam ahead” and plans to get back up on the horse as soon as his body is ready.

THE WORLD ON A STRING: ‘I’m a lucky guy. This could have been a wheelchair,” he said. “I’m not broke. I have my family around me and I get to fly with a smile on my heart. Nothing is going to stop me now.”

AMAZING WIFE: Patton’s wife says she’s “seen him do some crazy takeoffs and landings,” but then again, her husband has been a competitive sky diver for decades and she’s probably seen it all.

S O C i A L L Y    S P E A K I N G

The Blaze: “Having made several free fall jumps while in USMC 1st Force Recon I can appreciate the fall of Hoyt Patton when the motor of his powered chute malfunctioned. The ground comes up pretty quick and a person doesn’t have much time to think let alone react. Really there was nothing Hoyt could do but pray and hope for the best. His or someones prayer must have been answered because he lived to tell the story or listen to others tell it with a few bones broken. Hey Hoyt, you’re a tough old dude. Get back up on the horse ASAP. Ha” – UPSETVET   “I watched the video several times, my observation was he lost power at low altitude and then began a slow spiral to the ground. Between the wind, weight and smaller parachute he did a good job staying alive. Any landing you walk away from alive is considered good by many. — This man sure has a positive attitude and I wish him well and he has a full recovery.” – Anonymous

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