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CHRISTMAS TRADITION: Mayor Nutter’s decision to restore “Christmas” to Philadelphia’s Christmas Village makes us wonder why a decision was ever made to remove the harmless word “Christmas” in the first place. Nevertheless, Philly’s seasonal village called “The Christmas Village” is an Awesome venue that is enjoyed and appreciated by thousands and brings with it a German tradition reaching all the way back to the 14th century. Christmas has been celebrated since 336 A.D.

LONG STORY SHORT: A handful of complaints convinced Philadelphia officials to replace the word “Christmas” with “Holiday” on signs at the Christmas Village merchant fair outside City Hall. After the event’s organizers decided to take down the signs altogether, Philly Mayor Michael Nutter announced that the Christmas Village signs would be back up the next morning.

POINT: People going into public buildings shouldn’t feel offended. The city should be one of brotherly and sisterly love that transcends religious distinctions.

COUNTERPOINT: The Christmas Village is not a religious service; it is an outdoor fair, a commercial enterprise based on German tradition dating back to the 14th century when municipal authorities let local craftsmen, toy makers and bakers set up stands in town and city squares to sell products made specifically for the Christmas holiday.

THE PLAYERS: German American Marketing Inc., The City of Philadelphia, Mayor Michael Nutter, Dilworth Plaza, Philly City Hall, Chrismas, the citizens of Philadelphia, City managing director Richard Negrin.

S O C i A L L Y    S P E A K I N G

The Blaze: “Americans would never think of going to another country where they celebrate a different holy/holiday than ours and objecting vocally about how it offends them. (We don’t object to other religious holidays is this country.) And the people in that country would never think of changing the name of their holiday to appease/please those who said they were offended. My guess is that those who were offended would “kindly” be asked to keep quiet or would be run out of town. Say it loud and say it proud: “Merry Christmas To All and God Bless America!” ” – oldglorygirl

Topix: “the best thing Mayor Nutter has done (that I, not a Philly resident, am aware of)…thank you Mayor for standing up for common sense.” – chuck

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