Keeping more of your hard-earned money is key to retiring in style. These money-saving (and even money making) tips, tweaks and tantalizers can help you do just that. 

The color, look, smell and feel of money. Yes, our brains are actually wired to hang on to larger bills and bills that make us feel good when we look at them or touch them. Coins and wrinkled, nasty old $1’s, $5’s and $20’s, are just begging to be spent, but shiny new, crisp $50’s and $100’s…they’re like little works of art, or badges of accomplishment for all your hard work. Banks will be happy to provide you with newly minted Grant, Franklin and Benjamins, so just ask. You’ll hang on to them longer.and resist blowing them on frivolous “wealth-drains” like $5 coffees and $3 bottles of water.


By clearing your browser cache, history and cookies, using incognito mode or even use a VPN to shop online anonymously, you’ll prevent vendors from seeing your search and page history. This short circuits their ability to adjust pricing upward based on your web “behavior.”

  1. Use GiftCardGranny to save major bucks for gift cards you’ll use at your favorite stores.
  2. Find out if your health insurance company offers gym and health club discounts.
  3. Use a credit card that covers rental car insurance.
  4. Buy seasonal items like winter coats off season.
  5. Rent an apartment WITHOUT in-building laundry.
  6. Get 10% or more discount when you sign your lease in December instead of summer months.
  7. Use apps like Onavo to prevent data overage charges.
  8. Sell your gently-used used mobile devices.
  9. Avoid costly electric power “leaks” by unplugging unused devices or using a smart powerstrip.
  10. Lower your thermostat just 4 tiny degrees in the winter, and bump it up 1 or 2 degrees in the summer.

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Inspired by: 11 Life Hacks — For Your Wallet
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