Martin Luther in God's hands

CURIOUS TODDLER: Luck or Divine intervention? Whatever your belief or concept, we can all agree that Joey is a precious human being, loved by his parents, granddad and by the community at large, and it’s an Awesome wonder he’s alive and well.

TRAGIC CURIOSITY: Joey Williams, a 4-year-old Miami boy, made his way on to the balcony of his family’s 7th floor apartment of the DoubleTree Grand Hotel in Miami, worked his way over the rail, and plummeted towards the earth.

FLABBERGASTED WITNESS: Jay Beasley, who was at the pool below, heard what he describes as a “thud” and rushed over to find the boy lying there. He called it a “miracle” that “God just placed him right there in the dirt” where no harm came to him.

JUST A SCRATCH: The youngster was examined at Jackson Memorial Hospital where doctors found no broken bones or other injuries, internal or otherwise. Just a few hours later he was enjoying an order of French fries and a soda.

THANKFUL GRANDPA: His grandfather, Jerry Unawich, calls him “the miracle baby.” “We were truly blessed that God was there with him.”

AWE-FULLY AMAZING: Rescue crews were amazed that the boy wasn’t seriously injured or killed. Lt. Ignatius Carroll, a spokesman for Miami Fire Rescue stated emphatically that, “It’s amazing that he’s alive.”

S O C i A L L Y   S P E A K I N G

YouTube: “Miracle, even if the non-believers consider the physics. Gravity coefficient on earth is over 30 feet per sec, per sec. Its been almost 40 years since I’ve done any thinking on this kind of high school math. Still, that is absolutely enough height to reach squashing velocity.” – tonysshadow

CNN: “My own son fell from our 2nd story apartment balcony when he was 2, landing in bushes and having only scratches thank God. I had turned to pick up his brother. It was that quick. We ultimately had to move out of the apartment complex because of the terrible whispers and looks from everyone for the next several months about what an awful mother I was. I was and am a good mother and now grandmother. Accidents do just happen.” – happensit

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