A SHINING BAND OF GOLD: The circumstances that led to the recovery of Brenda Caunter’s lost wedding ring are simply Awesome. A symbol of her enduring marriage to Dave, and now proof that determination and perseverance can truly pay off, her recovered 9 carat gold band has fared well over all these years. And apparently so has she…the ring still fits.

WRAPPED AROUND YOUR FINGERIn Western countries, wedding rings are usually a single, solid band composed of white or yellow gold symbolizing the strength and unending continuity of the married couple’s connection. Common engravings on the inside of the ring include the name of the partner or the names of both parts in the relationship, and/or date of the wedding. Wearing the wedding ring is an outward sign to society in general that the person wearing it is already in a committed relationship and not available romantically or sexually to anyone other than their spouse.

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Daily MailWonderful for her and what a great thing for the neighbour to do. Just goes to show there are some decent folks around. Bravo! – nigel   “My mate was out fishing with his brother and as he leaned over to bring a fish aboard his false teeth plopped into the water. “Oh! Dear! That’s those lost, ’cos it’s about 30 feet deep here. Never see them again.” He said. But his brother, a joker caught a fish a bit later and for a joke put his own false teeth into the fish’s mouth. “Oh! Look, Dan, this fish has your teeth in its mouth.” Dan grabbed them delighted and put them in his mouth. “Nah! He said. “They don’t fit. Must be someone else’s.” And then he threw them back in. – Resnam

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